Hello, and welcome to classiccmp.de. This somewhat personal site is part knowledge-base, part description of the services and custom parts I'm currently offering, and part complement to my eBay Store.

Before coming to Germany, I had plans to build up a large enough collection to be able to curate temporary interactive exhibits that explored various dimensions of the history of computing such as processor and storage architectures, operating systems, the nature and speed of their user interfaces and interface devices, computer sound and graphics, programming languages, and educational games, simulations and tutorials — both as they developed through time, and as moment-in-time snapshots (or comparisons). They would also show, not only the richer diversity we once had, but how concepts and technologies have tended to move from one generation of computers to the next, and from larger and much more expensive environments to the home user.

In recent years, I've more or less moved on from the 'History of Computing' as a focus, however, I still have quite a few machines from vendors including DEC, SUN, SGI, HP, IBM, Commodore and Apple, and covering the time from the mid-70s to the turn of the millennium (and more than a few semi-specialised pieces of test equipment). Thus, I've started to retest, repair and sell off the rarer and more interesting members of my collection, and to design and produce (on a very small scale) certain spares and/or alternatives necessary for their proper use, but which are either no longer available, or whose prices have become prohibitively high.

Update as of November 2021

Please note that, as this site is quite new, it will undoubtedly remain a work-in-progress for at least the next few months. Nevertheless, you might want to check out the following pages:

  • Sales and Services : information about the items and services I'm currently offering
  • decarchive dot org : the YouTube channel to which I upload videos of machines I'm getting ready to sell
  • Bits and Bytes (TVO) : information about a classic introduction to computing, produced by TV Ontario in 1983
  • About Me : a little bit about yours truly, and what originally drew me to this hobby.
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