See this Google Sheet for a more complete list of available items (including specific Q-bus boards)

Make / Family Model Description and Notes Status
DEC DECmate III 8MHz Intersil 6120, 64kB, 360kB FDD
DEC MicroPDP-11/73 15MHz KDJ11A, 4MB, 53MB(?) HDD in deskside case (minus front cover)
DEC MicroPDP-11/53+ 15MHz KDJ11A, 4MB, 10MB(?) HDD
DEC MicroVAX 2000 5MHz KA410, 2MB
DEC VAXstation 2000 5MHz KA410, 2MB
DEC VAXstation 4000 VLC KA48-A, 24MB RAM, RZ25L drive Needs repairing
DEC VAXstation 4000 VLC KA48-A, 24MB RAM, RZ25L drive Needs repairing
DEC MicroVAX 3100/90 Needs repairing
DEC VAX 4000/100 KA52-A, 128MB RAM, RF35, RF36 DSSI disks, RRD43 CDROM drive Tested
DEC VAX 4000/100 Faulty PSU Needs repairing
DEC VAX 4000/100A KA53-A, 128MB RAM, RF35 and RF36 DSSI disks Available
DEC VAX 4000/200
DEC Assorted VAX memory boards To be catalogued
DEC Personal DECstation 5000/50
DEC DECstation 5000/240 MIPS R3000, 256MB RAM, 2GB
DEC DECstation 5000/260 MIPS R4400, 256MB RAM, 2GB
DEC DEC 3000-300X
DEC Personal Workstation 500au 21164 500MHz, 512MB RAM, 2GB
DEC Personal Workstation 600au 21164 600MHz, 512MB RAM, 2GB
DEC AlphaPC mainboard
DEC 164LX mainboard
DEC 164SX system components 21164PC 550MHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB, graphics card supported by DU; sans case
DEC AlphaServer 4100 system 21164A 500MHz x 4, 4GB RAM, 16GB
DEC AlphaServer 4100 system 21164A 500MHz x 4, 4GB RAM, 16GB; front panel wiring looms needs repairing Needs repairing
DEC AlphaServer 4100 CPU / RAM boards To be catalogued
DEC Compaq AlphaServer DS20 600MHz 21264 x2, 4GB RAM, 16GB
DEC HP AlphaServer DS25 1GHz 21264C x 2, 4GB RAM, 36GB
DEC HP rx2800 Integrity2 1.6GHz 9300-4C, 32GB RAM, 584GB SAS
DEC LetterWriter 100 printing terminal
DEC VT101 terminal Needs repairing
DEC VT220 terminal
DEC VT520 terminal Available
DEC StorageWorks shelves
DEC StorageWorks UltraSCSI Interface
DEC StorageWorks DSSI Interface
DEC TK50 drive
DEC TK70 drive
DEC DLT drive in StorageWork brick
HP 9007 3/20 100MHz PA-7100LC
HP Visualize C110 120MHz PA-7200
HP HP rx2800 Integrity2 1.6GHz 9300-4C, 32GB RAM, 584GB SAS
SGI Indy 150MHz MIPS R4400
SGI O2 180MHz MIPS R10000
SGI A-V module for O2
SUN SPARCstation Voyager
SUN SPARCstation 5
SUN SPARCstation 20
SUN Ultra 1
SUN Ultra 5 333Mhz UltraSPARC IIi, 512MB RAM, 20GB(?)
SUN Netra T1-105 360Mhz UltraSPARC IIi, 512MB RAM, 36GB(?)
SUN Sun Oracle Enterprise T5240 1.4 GHz UltraSPARC T2+ x2, 64 GB RAM
IBM PC system
IBM IBM 5160 PC/XT system 4.77 MHz 8088, 256kB, 5MB
IBM IBM RS/6000 43p-240 233MHz 603e, 64MB+, 4GB
IBM IBM Intellistation POWER 265 450MHz POWER3-II, 512MB, 9GB
Apple IIe Platinum system including colour monitor and 5.25“ FDD PSU needs repairing
Apple Macintosh 512ke system with keyboard and mouse, in soft carry-on travel case Needs repairing
Apple Macintosh Classic system
Apple Macintosh LC II
Apple Macintosh LC III
Apple Macintosh SE/30 system with Asante Ethernet card
Apple iMac G3 233MHz G3, 96MB RAM, 4GB
Apple iMac G3 DV 400MHz G3, 256MB RAM, 10GB
Apple iMac G4 (17”) 800MHz G4, 768MB RAM, 40GB
Apple iBook G4 (12“)
Apple iBook G4 (14”) 933MHz G4, 640MB RAM, 40GB
Apple iBook G4 (14“) 1.42GHz G4, 1.5GB RAM, 60GB
Apple Xserve Dual G5 2GHz G5 x2, 6GB RAM, 80GB
Commodore CBM 3016 1MHz 6502, 16kB Needs repairing
Commodore CBM 3040 Dual FDD probably will be bundled with a PET, but could be sold separately Needs repairing
Commodore Commodore VIC 20
Commodore Commodore 64 systems inc. 1701 monitor and 1541 FDD
Commodore Commodore 64C
Commodore 64-DTV All-in-one joystick / C64 / 1541 hardware emulator with composite video out
Commodore Commodore SX-64 Needs repairing
Commodore Commodore 128
Commodore Commodore 128DCR
Commodore 1541 FDD
Commodore 1541-II FDD
Commodore 1570 FDD
Commodore 1571 FDD
Commodore 802 printer
Commodore 1200 printer
Commodore 1250 printer
Commodore 1750 REU
Commodore 1764 REU
Commodore Amiga 500 7.09MHz 68000, 1MB
Commodore Amiga 600HD 7.09MHz 68000, 1MB, 20MB HDD
Atari 2600 VCS 1.19 MHz 6507, 128B
Atari Atari DTV All-in-one joystick / 2600 hardware emulator with composite video out
Atari 520ST
Atari 1040ST system inc. monitor
Panasonic BT-S1050Y CRT monitor Portable 10” PAL/NTSC professional colour CRT monitor Tested
Vendor NameVersionsSupported PlatformsNote
SGIIRIX5.3 – 6.5.30MIPS
AppleMacOSM68000, PPC
AppleMacOS XPPC, x86_64
DECOpenVMS1.5 – 8.3VAX, AXP, Itanium, x86_64
Compaq, HPTru64Alpha
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