Hardware for Sale

The following is a list of the machines that are either currently available, or which will soon be available for sale; for a more complete list of available items (particularly those which have not been re-tested in the past year or two), see this Google Sheet.

VendorMachineCPURAMNoteState Year of ReleaseType
DECDEC MicroPDP-11/7315MHz KDJ11A4MBunknownComputer
HPHP Integrity rx2800 i21.6GHz 9300-4C32GBunknownComputer
HPHP AlphaServer DS252x 1GHz 21264C4GBunknownComputer
CompaqCompaq AlphaServer DS202x 600MHz 212644GBunknownComputer
DECDEC AlphaServer 41004x 500MHz 21164A4GBunknownComputer
DECDEC PWS 600au21164 600MHz512MBunknownComputer
DECDEC MicroVAX 20005MHz KA4102MBunknownComputer
DECDEC VAXstation 20005MHz KA4102MBunknownComputer
DECDEC DECstation 5000/260MIPS R4400256MBunknownComputer
AppleApple Xserve G52x 2GHz G56GB, 80GB6GBunknownComputer
HPHP Visualize C110120MHz PA-7200unknownComputer
HPHP 9000 715/100100MHz PA-7100LCunknownComputer
IBMIBM Intellistation POWER 265450MHz POWER3-II512MBunknownComputer
IBMIBM RS/6000 43p233MHz 603e64MBunknownComputer
SunSun Oracle Enterprise T52402x 1.4 GHz UltraSPARC T2+64GBunknownComputer
SunSun Ultra 5333Mhz UltraSPARC IIi512MBunknownComputer
SunSUN SPARCtation 20unknownComputer
SGISGI O2180MHz MIPS R10000unknownComputer
IBMIBM 5160 PC/XT4.77 MHz 8088256kBunknownComputer
CommodoreCBM/PET 30161MHz 650216kBunknown1978Computer
CommodoreCBM/PET 30401MHz 6502, 1MHz 65044kBDual 5.25" SS/SD floppy driveunknown1979Disk drive
CommodoreCommodore SX-640.985MHz MOS 651064kBunknown1984Computer
AppleApple IIe Platinum1.023 MHz 65C02128kBunknown1987Computer
DECDEC VAX 4000-100A (KA236W6364)72MHz KA52 NVAX128MBunknown1993Computer

The following items are no longer available, but are listed here because they were sold after being successfully refurbished / repaired:

VendorMachineCPURAMNoteState Year of ReleaseType
AppleApple IIgs2.8MHz WDC 65C816512kBsold1986Computer
DECDEC VAX 4000-105A83MHz KA53 NVAX128MBsold1994Computer
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