Hardware for Sale

The following is a list of the machines that are either currently available, or which will soon be available for sale; for a more complete list of available items (particularly those which have not been re-tested in the past year or two), see this Google Sheet.

VendorMachineCPU RAMNoteStateYear of ReleaseType
AppleApple Xserve G52x 2GHz G56GB, 80GB6GBunknownComputer
CommodoreCommodore SX-640.985MHz MOS 651064kBunknown1984Computer
IBMIBM RS/6000 43p233MHz 603e64MBunknownComputer
SunSun Oracle Enterprise T52402x 1.4 GHz UltraSPARC T2+64GBunknownComputer
SunSun Ultra 5333Mhz UltraSPARC IIi512MBunknownComputer
IBMIBM Intellistation POWER 265450MHz POWER3-II512MBunknownComputer
DECDEC PWS 600au21164 600MHz512MBunknownComputer
CommodoreCBM/PET 30401MHz 6502, 1MHz 65044kBDual 5.25" SS/SD floppy driveunknown1979Disk drive
DECDEC MicroPDP-11/7315MHz KDJ11A4MBunknownComputer
DECDEC AlphaServer 41004x 500MHz 21164A4GBunknownComputer
CompaqCompaq AlphaServer DS202x 600MHz 212644GBunknownComputer
HPHP AlphaServer DS252x 1GHz 21264C4GBunknownComputer
HPHP Integrity rx2800 i21.6GHz 9300-4C32GBunknownComputer
DECDEC VAXstation 20005MHz KA4102MBunknownComputer
DECDEC MicroVAX 20005MHz KA4102MBunknownComputer
IBMIBM 5160 PC/XT4.77 MHz 8088256kBunknownComputer
DECDEC DECstation 5000/260MIPS R4400256MBunknownComputer
CommodoreCBM/PET 30161MHz 650216kBunknown1978Computer
AppleApple IIe Platinum1.023 MHz 65C02128kBunknown1987Computer
DECDEC VAX 4000-100A (KA236W6364)72MHz KA52 NVAX128MBunknown1993Computer
SGISGI O2180MHz MIPS R10000unknownComputer
SunSUN SPARCtation 20unknownComputer
HPHP 9000 715/100100MHz PA-7100LCunknownComputer
HPHP Visualize C110120MHz PA-7200unknownComputer

The following items are no longer available, but are listed here because they were sold after being successfully refurbished / repaired:

VendorMachineCPU RAMNoteStateYear of ReleaseType
AppleApple IIgs2.8MHz WDC 65C816512kBsold1986Computer
DECDEC VAX 4000-105A83MHz KA53 NVAX128MBsold1994Computer
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